March 16th, 2014 by chipocrite
8static March 2014

Flier by ohhinaifu

You know, they say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. But regardless of what happens in terms of the notoriously unpredictable Philly-area weather, we’re gonna have to amend that silly old trope in order to make up for the fact that the next 8static takes place at the very end of the month and features a killer, super-exciting lineup. This show — which we’ll again hold at The North Star Bar & Restaurant, 2639 Poplar Street, Philadelphia — promises to take us into the Spring in a manner that will be anything but lamb-like.

Kentucky’s classy Mr. Wimmer will bring his instrument- and vocal-infused chip rock to the stage. You might recall hearing him play some of his dreamy, Roy Orbison-influenced songs at previous open mics. We’re all very excited to see a full set, and you should be too!

Speaking of open mics, you also might’ve seen SNESEI showing off his super fun tunes before the main acts at previous 8statics. Hailing all the way from Detroit, SNESEI has already warned us that he plans to rock every single face with a high-energy, extremely danceable set. He’s a colorful character with even more colorful songs.

Rounding out the musical portion of this month’s bill is Philly’s own Ro-Bear, who will be returning to 8static to play some of his trademark melodic, meditative emo-chip awesomeness. He’s been a Philly staple for years, and his sets are always intelligent, fun and beautiful, so you should be excited to see what he’s got in store for us!

On the visual side, ohhinaifu is a super-talented, self-described “Pixel artist, Visualist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, video game enthusiast” who will dazzle your senses. She’s also trekking from Michigan, so come on out and support her and these other decidedly more-lion-than-lamb performers as we carry you into April!

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If you were at last month’s 8static, you know how excellent The North Star Bar & Restaurant, 2639 Poplar Street, Philadelphia, is as a venue for our event. Many, many thanks to the North Star staff for helping us put on a great and successful show! With that in mind, we’re excited to be hosting February’s lineup there once again. Please join us at our fantastic new home!

You’ll see music from return performer Disassembler, who has been hitting up the open mics in recent months with his creative, melodic Nanoloop/LSDJ compositions. It’s been almost two years since we’ve seen him onstage for a full set, so we’re stoked to have him back!

And it’s been almost a full year since we’ve heard the dark and hypnotic sounds of Dauragon on the 8static stage. Another unique Nanoloop user, Dauragon is known for getting a truly original feel out of the program: moody and funky, danceable and intelligent.

Finally, you’ll get a bit of a different set from me, Chipocrite. Instead of planning out a setlist in advance, I’m going to be rolling a 20-sided die to pick each song, live and on the spot. You might get some old favorites, some rare covers, some new stuff.. I dunno! Don’t miss this unforgettable (in a good way, hopefully) “Chip O’ Chance” experiment!

For your eyes’ enjoyment, visuals will be provided by everyone’s favorite, Animal Style. What a renaissance man!

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January 6th, 2014 by chipocrite

PLEASE NOTE: January’s 8static will be at The North Star Bar & Restaurant, 2639 Poplar Street, Philadelphia.

Happy New Year from everyone here at 8static! We hope you all had a fantastic holiday season, however you spent it. We’ve been keeping ourselves busy with various important and exciting projects: fulfilling Kickstarter rewards, planning and performing at the greatest music/video game convention of all time, putting the final touches on long-awaited new albums… You know, the usual. But fear not! We haven’t been so busy that the show couldn’t go on, and we’re stoked to announce this month’s unique and awesome 8static lineup, set for this Saturday, January 11.

We’ve got music from Auxcide, who is known for creating a sonic assault of Game Boys synced with synths and other external hardware. Not only did he recently wow the audience during the Chiptune Showcase at the aforementioned MAGFest, he also just released not one but TWO albums on the 8static label.

Also on the bill is Phoenix-based chip-hop rapper Mega Ran. Originally a Philly native himself, Mega Ran has become a mainstay of VGM-related conventions and events over the past few years, and he consistently puts on an energetic, entertaining show that always gets the crowd going.

And even though the holidays have come and gone, we have a special gift for you this month: Philly chip supergroup Cheap Dinosaurs will finally be releasing a new collection of studio recordings!! The album, titled “Triangle Trash,” features the definitive versions of several of the group’s live staples. It’s a true full-band effort, where guitars and Game Boys blend seamlessly to create a wall of chip-prog sound that will truly rock your face off, all tied together by group leader Dino Lionetti’s impeccable production skills. Come to the show and be among the first to own the album on CD!

Visuals will be provided by SBThree, who is making the trek all the way down from Rochester, NY, to fill your eyes with wonder and amazement.

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November 21st, 2013 by chipocrite
8static 3B flier

Flier by Animal Style

Welcome back to our first show since 8static Festival last month! This will be our first show at Underground Arts, just a few blocks south of our old venue. It’s one of the city’s most exciting new spots, and we’re stoked to be moving our event there. So spend a night out of the cold and get away from the Thanksgiving shopping insanity at 8static on November 30th.

First up, we have one of the heavy hitters at 8static fest, Trey Frey! Currently living in West Virginia, Trey has been crafting intense electro-dance LSDJ jams around the mid-Atlantic region for a few years now. Using up to four game boys simultaneously, Trey’s wizardry has built a reputation for one of the most exciting young performers in the chip scene. After bringing down the house at BRKFest and 8static Fest, he’ll treat us to one more show before making his MAGFest debut on the main stage in January!

8static’s own Animal Style will be returning to his first 8static in over a year. Much of his music is new and unheard unless you attending some of the other events he’s played around the area. Animal Style has always pushed the envelope for creativity and mixed media with his music. He’s written many fantastic tracks on Game Boy, NES, Sega Genesis and more, accompanied by his custom square-wave distorted guitar, nebulaphones and byte beats. We can assure you that this show will be full of similar surprises.

Coming all the way down from Boston, we welcome Glenntai in his 8static debut. A seminal voice in the chip scene with his clip stream show, Glenntai is also known for his highly energetic and hype stage performance. Don’t miss this chance to see one of Boston’s gems.

Last but not least, Defiant Systems is playing his first main-stage spot for 8static. Originally writing a lot of dark and moody industrial-influenced compositions on LSDJ, he’s begun moving into crafting tracks on the Philly-fave console, the Sega Genesis!

Visuals will be provided by Philly’s own Enerjawn, whom you might remember from last month’s festival (if you were able to piece your brain back together after his set). He’s been known to mix VHS tapes, optical feedback and general visual insanity, so make sure your eyes are ready. We know ours are… so, “see” you there!

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This weekend October 17, 18th, and 19th we are excieted to present the 8static Festival at the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia in partnership with the Grass Roots Gaming Conference

For up to date information head over to
Hope you can make it out!

September 13th, 2013 by emfed

8static 39 flyer

Flyer by minusbaby

Fall’s here everyone! Coming up on September 14th is not only our last show at PhilaMOCA but also our last show before our big 5th anniversary celebration, 8static Festival! We will be selling 3 day passes for the reduced rate of $50 at the show, so come see our merch people and buy your tickets now without a service fee!

Very proud to bring back the legendary minusbaby this month, who’s bass-heavy grooves need time to properly build up to fruition. Because of that he will be playing a special extended set to get us there! Also, it’s just been announced that this will be the last time minusbaby will be playing the material from his iconic left and derecha releases. To commemorate this, the first 50 attendees will receive free CD’s of his his latest release, bias, which is a balanced release of all that material! futurestack will be doing a special visual performance during this set.

Next up, we are super stoked to welcome the 8static debut of Rolly Mingwald! Another alter-ego of Carl Peczynski (Radlib & Doomcloud), Rolly Mingwald is a project of 80′s style music performed live on synthesizers.

For our third we have the return of the Dutchess who will be blasting our minds with his Sega genesis-based FM music and bass guitar! His stuff is totally unlike anything else you’ve been hearing. Expect to think a little during this set. Visuals for the rest of the show will be provided by the debut of Interrobanger, who many of you may recognize by his musician moniker, DataCats!

Love this months flyer design? Well, minusbaby will also be doing our workshop on designing and drawing in pixel art style. Our afterparty will be hosted by our house DJ, Radlib!

Come out and enjoy the fun and celebrate this show with many new and exciting changes coming by buying tickets to the festival next month or donating to our kickstarter!

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